COVID Your Wake Up Call 2

The information you find below is based on my direct personal and professional experience.

It’s my hope to bring clarity to this confusing corona pandemic issue. I’ll share with you the trans-generational perspective, which I gained facilitating Family Constellations since 1998. I’ll also provide the spiritually awake viewpoint I acquired from my own spiritual and worldly awakening process that began in 2003 when an illness that wouldn’t heal by regular medical means kept me bedridden for six months.

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When I first learned about the novel corona SARS CoV-2 virus, I followed the news media closely. The reports that were arriving from China and Italy were alarming. It seemed we had a very lethal pathogen on our hands. It was clear we needed to take every possible precaution to save lives and protect ourselves and others from harm.

However, when the announcement was made that the only way the pandemic would end would be when every human being on this planet was vaccinated, I knew we were sold something that wasn’t true.

Quite a few medical doctors and vaccine experts came forward and spoke up right away. They voiced their concerns, stating the data showed that the SARS-CoV-2 virus wasn’t as deadly as initially assumed. They also shared that preventative and early treatments for COVID-19 were available and that people didn’t need to be afraid of the virus. They let people know they were successfully repurposing FDA approved drugs that were helping people and kept their patients from going to a hospital. However, although highly credentialed, these medical doctors and biotech scientists were instantly hushed up and negated as vaccine deniers by the media, politicians, and official medical doctors and scientists.

We were told “Listen to the experts”. “Science knows best.” “Don’t ask questions”. “Do what the experts say”.

You may not know this, but I was born and raised in Austria. My parents were children during the Nazi regime. My mom’s father died on the Russian front. She only saw him once when she was a year old. You see her sitting on her father’s lap in the photo below. It’s the only time my mom ever saw her dad. My father’s uncle also died as a young man during that war.

I must have inherited the memory of the effects of those times because the phrases “do as I say”, “obey”, “don’t ask questions” and to blindly follow what I am told never sat right with me. Not even as a child.

I know that democracy and science function by discussing various viewpoints and opinions. When lots of different ideas come together, something great can emerge out of carefully weighing all the pros and cons. However with COVID, the ability for a variety of ideas being discussed was hindered from the get-go. There was only one particular viewpoint allowed, and that was the viewpoint of a vaccine being the only means to get humanity out of the pandemic and back to normal. I knew this was a lie.

It is a great day here in the desert. The sun is shining all the time. It's wonderful!

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